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    FODDER  (fah-dur) , noun.  – A consumable, often inferior item or resource, usually abundant in supply.

    …as in ‘cannon fodder’.  In the case of this Weblog, matters both social and political are the fodder for my cannon.

    Here you will find my commentaries on the social and political events and people I find to be that fodder.  If your views do not happen to coincide with mine, tough!  This is my domain and it is here that I express my opinions. To find out what I’m all about, and where I stand on issues, read the “About” page.  This weblog will, no doubt, result in me making a few enemies. Those enemies will most likely come from the corporate, military-industrial, or fundamentalist religious world, for they are my most abundant fodder.  So be it.

    I may not always get it right, but I am not afraid to admit it when I make a mistake.  Speaking of making mistakes, perhaps you have arrived at this page by mistake, looking for one  of my other two domains?

    www.whosyourfodder.net  [not yet available] is my domain for ‘imaginary’ cannon fodder – as in computer gaming.  WOW Guild related items, as well as “invitational” LAN party information is found there.

    www.whosyourfodder.org is my domain for my personal projects, such as my “Journal of a ‘Virgin’ Burner”, and my ‘Wander-full’ photo gallery.

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